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2012, June 27 Water System: The water was off 5 hours for Hall Well & Plumbing to replace five 20-year-old valves and galvanized iron fittings. This was a proactive repair, better than risking a weekend or late-night failure! Total project cost, approxiately $1,000.

2012, June 26-27 Road: After years and years of alternatingly chasing and dodging potholes, the board decided to follow the advice of many paving experts by crumbling up the 18-year-old paving. It had deteriorated to the point that it served only two purposes, (1) to give defintion to potholes and (2) helped any added gravel to migrate off the roadway into our yards. With a bunch of hands-on help and practical backhoe skill from resident James Wood, members of the Executive Committee (Mike, David, & Clarke) spent the better part of two days bouncing around in a loader and dancing with shovels. Greg Hewitt and his buddy Logan pitched in, too. Thank you also to those neighbors who brought us water, tea, & sodas!! Altogether we busted up ½ mile of paper thin paving and 70 feet of really think ashault, spread out $1,300 worth of gravel, and smoothed out our 3/4 mile of roads. Total cost of this phase, approximatley $2,200.

The next step is to buy a small tractor with a leveling blade to finish and maintain the surface. Such a rig costs about $3,000, but based on recent estimates and historic data it costs us approximately $2,000 to have someone come in do it each time. Our plan is spend time on the roads at least every calendar quarter to keep them relatively smooth.

A word of caution: Please drive slowly. With smoother roads it may be tempting to drive faster than the posted 10 mph. Remember, there are children playing always. Also, with smoother roads, folks may be out walking more. There will certainly be a bit more dust. So, please drive slowly and safely.

2012, June 12-13 Well House Exterior: Resident James Wood and Executive Committee members Mike Hewitt and David Hornaday organized and executed the re-roofing, soffit replacement, and exterior painting of the well house. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the guys at work, but here are a couple of their high quality work. Thanks, guys! Total project cost, approxiately $500.