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BCHOA had never suffered a water testing exception until a few years ago, maybe in 2006. We asked our system operator what caused the contamination. He didn't hesitate when he said, "It's all those swimming pools folks put up this year. Y'all have taken the water level down to where you're getting dirty water."

The BCHOA board did a little research and talked to the company that installed our water system. Everyone agreed with the operator's opinion. Therefore, the board added the following to our Rules and Regulations:

14. Pools: Filling and maintaining water levels in pools with BCHOA water is prohibited except for pools with capacities under 600 gallons (approx. 1’ deep x 5’ round). The fine for doing so is $500 per incident.

3rd Party Pool Filling Services

There are local companies that will fill pools for a fee. The following list is presented as a service to our neighbors. It is not an endorsement, explict or implied, of any company on the list. Please forward additional companies or concerns about listed companies to

Davis Water Service